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BlockChain - The Beginners Guide with Eric Moes Part 2 [episode 25]

header graphic for episode 25 Block Chain - The Beginners Guide with Eric Moes Part 2

Episode #25

Today’s episode is part two of our conversation with guest Eric Moes all about blockchain technology. He’s sharing its fundamentals, applications, and challenges and giving some helpful examples and scenarios to further understand BlockChain.

In this episode, BlockChain - The Beginners Guide with Eric Moes, we cover: 

  • Its various intricacies such as cryptography, data handling, and nodes

  • How BlockChain is different from Bitcoin, though Bitcoin relies on the BlockChain technology

  • Insights into non-fungible tokens, initial coin offerings, and smart contracts

  • BlockChain security and the risk of hacks

Resources & Links:

Connect with Eric:

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More about the Ranching.FYI podcast: 

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The Ranching.FYI podcast is part of a larger initiative to create an online library of the best information available for ranchers. The hosts recognize the need for professional development that doesn't require ranchers to leave their properties for extended periods. By providing access to a variety of quality education, Ranching.FYI aims to empower ranchers to improve their practices and achieve greater success. 

The hosts of the podcast, John Haskell, owns Ranch Right LLC. He serves as a resource for ranchers who want to know their numbers and manage more effectively. He also offers consulting and monthly bookkeeping services.

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Cinnamon Lenhart, a fourth-generation rancher from northeastern Wyoming, she helps business owners take their stories and turn them into profit, which can be particularly valuable for ranchers looking to differentiate themselves in the market.

By sharing their knowledge and experiences, the hosts of Ranching.FYI hope to empower ranchers to ranch better and achieve greater profitability and success in their operations.

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