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Risk Management Through Hedging with Logan Pribbeno Part 1

header graphic for episode 22 Risk Management Through Hedging with Logan Pribbeno Part 1

Episode #22

On today’s episode, we have guest Logan Pribbeno, a fifth-generation rancher from Imperial, Nebraska and we’re talking all about how to manage risk through hedging. Logan emphasizes the value of having a plan when it comes to hedging and shares insights into their personal strategy. Logan also touches on the strategy they use in their operation, how they buy, and the risks and reward balance hedging.

Note: this episode was pre-recorded so when markets and good buys are referenced they are not talking about today's markets.

In this episode about hedging, we cover: 

  • Logan’s journey from working in consulting and accounting in San Francisco to returning to his family's ranch.

  • What hedging is and how it can be utilized to manage risk on your operation 

  • How to adjust your strategy according to the cattle cycle and the challenges you might face during market downturns.

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The hosts of the podcast, John Haskell, owns Ranch Right LLC. He serves as a resource for ranchers who want to know their numbers and manage more effectively. He also offers consulting and monthly bookkeeping servicesWally Olsen, an Oklahoma rancher and is a firm believer in helping place an old head on young shoulders. It is this belief that lead to Ranching.FYI. Wally teaches cattle marketing schools and loves to help young people get started in ranching.Cinnamon Lenhart, a fourth-generation rancher from northeastern Wyoming, she helps business owners take their stories and turn them into profit, which can be particularly valuable for ranchers looking to differentiate themselves in the market.

By sharing their knowledge and experiences, the hosts of Ranching.FYI hope to empower ranchers to ranch better and achieve greater profitability and success in their operations.

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