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Meet the Team behind Ranching.FYI

Quality education for ranchers is essential for the success and profitability of their operations. Ranching.FYI aims to provide ranchers with accessible and valuable education that can be easily integrated into their busy schedules. Who are the faces behind Ranching.FYI? Keep reading to find out


Wally Olson

Wally is an Oklahoma rancher and self-buy marketing expert, shares his knowledge gained from his own experiences in livestock marketing. He focuses on teaching self-buy marketing schools both online and in person, with the goal of helping ranchers increase profitability, improve operations, and enhance the value of their herds.


Cinnamon Lenhart

Cinnamon is a fourth-generation rancher from northeastern Wyoming, brings her expertise in story-based marketing for entrepreneurs to the team. She helps business owners take their stories and turn them into profit, which can be particularly valuable for ranchers looking to differentiate themselves in the market.


John Haskell

John is the owner of Ranch Right LLC, specializes in providing actionable financials and consulting services to ranchers. He understands the operational struggles faced by ranchers on a daily basis and aims to create a team that can help ranchers transition from surviving to thriving.


The Ranching.FYI is part of an initiative to create an online library of the best information available for ranchers. The team recognizes the need for professional development that doesn't require ranchers to leave their properties for extended periods. By providing access to a variety of quality education the aim is to empower ranchers to improve their practices and achieve greater success.

Ranching.FYI offers a membership that includes a private podcast and YouTube channel and is working on launching multiple online courses that will allow ranchers to delve deeper into specific techniques and learn directly from those who have already found success. These courses, along with the YouTube videos and the podcast, aim to provide ranchers with education that they may not have received otherwise. Are you ready to join the Ranching.FYI Community? Join Here


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