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The Bud Williams Stockmanship and Bud Williams Marketing I learned from Bud are two of three things learned. The third and one which has the greatest “Value to Me” is living life. Bud came with the Stockmanship and Marketing. Bud and Eunice came with the life living. “Life is either an ordeal or and adventure it’s up to you” Eunice Williams said this many years ago.

Live Today

- Get up with a smile on your face. The back of Jim Lindsey caps say ”Attitude is Everything”

I just don’t have many problems anymore just learning experiences

- Doing things better.

Both the big and little, If you don’t the little get big

- Know your inventory.

The animals, feed and money, Understanding time and how it is used

- Know what profit is.

The knowledge gained may be more valued than the money.

- Know when to take a step back with both people and animals.

- Understand that in life the adjustments that you make with right and wrong are what matters.

- Use what happens today to prepare for tomorrow


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