My name is Wally Olson and I want to start this introduction by saying, I have been very blessed in life. There have been very few days that I didn’t get up and do what I enjoyed or be at work when I walked out of my door. 


I have always been employed in ranching or the livestock business. My work ranged from hauling hay and cleaning stalls to the manager and then the owner and everything in between. In the mid-80s I was blessed to get a job on the Kelley Ranch at Vinita, Oklahoma. In my opinion, this is one of the best ranches in the world, and I had the best ranch job that has ever been.


The owners of the ranch were business people and the ranch was run as a business. While working on the ranch, my emphasis changed from the animals to the land. By increasing the production from the land and harvesting it with the animals at a profit was job one.

Ranching is very simple. With sunshine and some rain, you grow grass and you harvest it with animals and have food, fiber, and recreation. It is also the most complex and interrelated calling that there is in my opinion. The greatest return is to the skills that a person has. Stockmanship will reduce stress on animals and people. This will reduce sickness and improve performance. Grazing Management will increase production and improve the biodiversity of the land. There can be more than just cows on a ranch. The biodiversity of animals is as important as the biodiversity of the land. Both the ones on top and the ones in the soil.

A big benefit of working on the Kelley ranch was that we had a continuing education budget. With these education opportunities, knowledge was gained and through this continuing education is where I came to know Bud and Eunice Williams.  They taught me profit is the lifeblood of any ranch. There can be great production with good grazing management and the correct genetics but without selling it at a profit you will not have a sustainable ranching operation. This was the focus of Bud Williams Marketing.


For eight years, I have had the privilege to lease the Kelley Ranch. I was able to put Bud’s Marketing to work and learn how to implement it. We first started out with the Stockmanship and then moved to Bud’s marketing. Marketing is a very powerful tool that can make a great unfair advantage for somebody that will use it. It has been a life-changing experience for me.

I am now retired and willing to help people learn what Bud & Eunice were so kind as to help me learn. Transferring knowledge and responsibility to the next generation is the most important thing that a person can do. This challenge is why we are here and what I want to retire to.

-Wally Olson

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